The aim of Physical Training and sport Chair founded in 1934 is to give children high moral, volitional and physical qualities, to tan national ethical values, to prepare them to secure the labour and their land and their main goal is to mould the students as a modern specialized person. For all specialists that subject gives a main mean in ensuring the physical training’s profiling, in modulating the developed personality, in strengthening the health, in the process of students training and in gaining the positive mood from the physicophsiological point. At university physical training subjects are held in all faculties in the first course. The teachers working in this chair give attention to students modeling from physical point and also to the student’s physical training The chair’s football club founded in 1957 plays a grate role in student’s life after the lessons and in their free time. Here are held contests in different kinds of sports. The students attending here are taking the first places in the Student’s Game held by Azerbaijan Republic Education Ministry and Youth and Sport Ministry. From the first times when the Chair began its activity very famous teachers like honored sport master and honored sport worker R.I. Bekhsheliyev, sport master, docent I.E. Novruzov, sport master, docent M.M. Ehmedov, professor R.M. Bekhsheliyev sport master, pedagogical sciences candidate, docent E.H. Shabanov , world recorder over the hard athletic among the youth S.Agayev worked here. In 1975- 1965 honoured sport master, honoured physical training and sport worker R.I. Bakhshaliyev , in 1965-1986 sport master docent I.E. Novruzov, in 1986-1991 sport master, docent M.M. Ehmedov were the head of the Chair. From 1991 till now the head of the Chair is honoured trainer, docent A.E.Atakhishiev. The chairmen of BSU Sport Club were different well-known specialists like- head teacher F.A. Tarverdiyev, S.E.Veliyev and A.D. Aliyev. At the moment the chairman of the club is A.I. Pashayev. Unique Bike Sport Museum is working in the Chair. The creator and the head of the museum is sport master, acting professor pedagogical sciences candidate, the Member of Azerbaijan Republic National Olympic Committee, vice- president of Bike Sport Federation Eleddin Haji- aga Shabanov. At the moment nine head teachers- M.E. Bagirov, sport master E.B. Guliyev, M.K.Gahramanov, S.T. Gozelov, A.K. Efendiyeva, F.A. Tarverdiyev, A.I. Pashayev, sport master L.V.Shmakov, A.D. Aliyev, one teacher H.Z. Zamanov, head lab assistant K.B. Zeynalova, lab assistant R.Idrisov and two instructors- sport masters F. Rizayev and R.Javadov are working in the Chair. Employees of the Chair, docent M.M. Ehmedov and head teacher F.A. Tarverdiyev rewarded with the name of “Honorary Physical Training and Sport worker of Azerbaijan Republic” The Chair’s director, docent A.E. Atakhishiyev attended in the article about “National folk Sport Games “in the “The ways of developing sportsmen endurance” in Republic scientific- practical conference. He also took part in “knowledge” magazine named “Education, Culture, Art” besides he attended in the article named “Some problems of physical training” and he prepared very important programs for the physical training faculty’s students. Acting professor E.H. Shabanov defended the dissertation for candidacy in the subject “Sport museums role in modeling interest for physical training in students” after this he gained p.s.c scientific degree. He is also an author of more than 50 scientific articles and he was a participant of different scientific conferences. Head teacher M.K.Gurbanova made a lecture in “Tourism as a physical and moral bring up fact” practical conference held by Azerbaijan Republic Youth and Sport Ministry. The employee of the chair Reshad Javadov’s “sportsman” magazine that he is a chief- editor, is not only popular in our country but also it is read in other countries, too. “Sportsman” magazine that read more than 5 years was awarded with diplomas and prizes by International Sport Journalists’ Association, Azerbaijan National Olympic Committee, Azerbaijan Youth and Sport Ministry, Azerbaijan Sport Journalists’ Association, Azerbaijan Physical Training and Sport Academic. “Sportsman” was selected as 2007’s best magazine by AIJA because of its works in Azerbaijan Sport Publicity. During these years that academic A.M. Maharramov led BSU the chair’s material- technical and educational base was rebuilt in high standards. The football square with artificial cover equipped with plastic seats fitting to high international standards 2000 people, swimming complex in modern type and having a length about 25 meter were build and were given to the use of the professor- tutors and to chair’s students. The students inspired from this wonderful condition made by University management, attended in Student’s Games among the high schools held by Azerbaijan Republic Youth and Sport Ministry and they were awarded with good prices in the competitions. BSU’s team was always in the first places in the volleyball, football, ping-pong, and chess and in other traditional tournament held by New Azerbaijan Party Yasamal region’s organizations contests devoted to Heyder Eliyev’s birthday anniversary.