The Committee, which involves 13 thousand of masters-students collectives, is a social students’ organization with state registration. The committee activity is based on democratic principles. The communities of interest and equality of rights, respect of ideas of each member are the main principles of committee.

Each student who accepts the statute of the committee is able to become the member of TUCFS. Entry to the committee is held on the basis of personal application and decision of first organization.

The committee organizes different sport competitions, concert programs and other competitions to raise intellectual level of students and to help them to spend their free time worthily and usefully at the University.

The members of the committee have the following rights:

1.To choose and to be chosen into governing authorities

2.To take a part in discussions concerning the activity of the committee

3.To participate at the events held by committee

4.To use the protection of the committee

5.To discuss problems concerning the committee and its bodies

6.To stop the membership in the committee or to leave the committee

Committee takes an active part in university administration. The representative of the faculty is a member of Academic Council of the Faculty and the Chairman of the Committee is a full member of Great Academic Council. That is why when decisions concerning student’s issues are made, Students Committee opinion is taken into consideration. There is a special rector’s decree related to this issue. Trade Union Committee takes an active part in ongoing sessions and functions as protector of students’ rights during the exams.

In order to provide healthy feeding of the students the Committee also controls public objects of the University.

The Chairman of the Committee participates in all commissions created at the University (Conflict Committee, Commission on entering to Graduate Course and others.).

The Chairman of the Committee takes part as a representative of students in all events organized by Organizational Committee.

The Committee is also occupied with social issues of the students. The Committee shows pecuniary aid to students in different forms. During the summer holidays the Committee organizes students’ rest in various summer camps.

The Committee is also occupied with problems concerning the issue of placement of students coming from regions.

Members of the committee must fulfill all paragraphs of statute and implement resolutions of its administrating bodies. Otherwise, they can be disqualified from the membership of the Committee by administrating body or local councils.

The governor bodies of the Committee are the following:



3.Administrating Staff

Supreme body of the Committee is a conference. It is called twice a year. In necessary cases by order of two third of Committee members the conference can be called out of turn.

Administrative staff of the committee is a body which operatively acts between the periods of committee meetings.

The Committee organizes scientific-practical conferences devoted to significant historical days to develop scientific world outlook of the students.

The Committee cooperates closely with leading youth unions and social organizations and expands its relationships from year to year.