Department of Life Safety

History of the Department:

Department of Life Safety was created according to the order of the rector (order P-85 from 09.08.2011) on the basis of the Department of Organic Chemistry, as well as the Department of Human and Animal Physiology. Second- and third-year students are trained in the following courses:

1. Civil Defense

2. Occupational Safety and Health

3. Fundamentals of medical knowledge.

Head of the Department, Doctor of Chemical Sciences, Prof. Ismail Ahmedali Aliyev.



  1. PhD in Biological Sciences, Senior Lecturer Rena Farruh Babayeva
  2. Senior Lecturer Rasima Mahmud Mahmudova
  3. Senior Lecturer Sudaba Jalil Gafarzade
  4. Senior Lecturer Naig Novruz Ahmedov
  5. Sadiar Abusalat Bagirov
  6. Elnara Bayram İsayeva
  7. PhD Jale Pirmamed Mardanova
  8. Safura Sahib Veliyeva


Laboratory Assistants:

1.Senior Assistant Giztamam Gasratali Mirzabekova

2. Senior Assistant Lala Rauf Babahanova