Educational-methodical board of Baku State University - is an advisory body on educational-methodical and scientific-methodological issues implemented the state policy in the field of higher  and postgraduate education. The Board operates in accordance with the decrees and orders of the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan, Regulations on Baku State University, decrees and orders of BSU rector.

Educational-methodical board backstops the University administration in the implementation of new teaching methods, supervises activities on teaching methods of BSU, improves the quality of education, and others.

The objectives of Educational-methodical board of Baku State University:

1. Participation in the development and improvement of the state educational standards;

2. Control over the activities of Educational-methodical councils of BSU faculties;

3. Supervising the preparation and provision of educational programs;

4. Coordination activities between faculties;

5. Organizing open lessons in order to improve the quality of education;

6. Monitoring the learning process;

7. Apply new technologies and teaching methods;

8. Supervising the writing and publishing of textbooks, manuals, as well as educational literature, textbooks authorized for use in the educational process for undergraduate and postgraduate education etc.

Created in the 1980s Educational-methodical board have been heading by academician Vasif Babazade since 2003. The Board currently has 17 members.

1. Academician V.M.Babazade - Chairman
2. Associate Professor V.A.Gasymov - deputy chairman (Mechanics and Mathematics Faculty)
3. Professor R.G.Tagiev - member (Faculty of Applied Mathematics and Cybernetics)
4. Associate Professor R.Sh. Rahimov - member (Faculty of Physics)
5. Professor S.E.Mamedov - member (Faculty of Chemistry)
6. Professor Z.M.Mamedov  -  member (Faculty of Biology)
7. Associate Professor H.B.Soltanova - member (Faculty of Geography)
8. Professor M.I.Chyragov - member (Faculty of Geology)
9. Associate Professor A.G.Huseinli - member (Faculty of Environment and Soil Science)
10. Professor M.A.Mamedov - member (Faculty of Philology)
11. Professor N.J.Mehdieva - member (Faculty of History)
12. Professor P.G.Darabadi - member (Faculty of International Relations and Economics)
13. Professor M.N.Aliev - member (Faculty of Law)
14. Professor J.A.Mamedli - member (Faculty of Journalism)
15. Associate Professor K.I.Aslan - member (Faculty of Library and information)
16. Associate Professor A.B.Mamedova - member (Faculty of Oriental Studies)
17. Professor L.N.Gasymova - member (Faculty of Social Sciences and psychology)