Electronic Information for Libraries (EIFL –www.eifl.net)

Azerbaijan Library Information Consortium is the member of   Electronic Information for Libraries (EIFL –www.eifl.net)  which is a global network of sustainable national library consortia . EIFL.net is created in 1999.

Azerbaijan Library Information Consortium (Az.LIC) was established  in December 2003, by the   Scientific Library of  Baku State University and began its activity from February 2004.  Scientific Library of  Baku State University is gained the right of representation of this organization and  Az.LIC is the coordinator of  EIFL.net on Azerbaijan Republic.

Azerbaijan Library Information Consortium is a member of international consortium EIFL.net, which is consortium that leads, negotiates, supports and advocates for the wide availability of information.

Azerbaijan Library Information Consortium provides knowledge and resource sharing, trainings, workshops and expand  the range of product offering

Az.LIC acts according to the following directions:

-      EIFL-  Consortium Management

-      EIFL- Licensing

-      EIFL- OA: open access

-      EIFL- IP: copyright and libraries essential for research and education

-     To attend at international projects