Questions and Answers

1.Why course exams on subject are conducted?

- The main purpose of conducting exam on entire subject or one part of it is to define the level of mastering of theoretical knowledge, to evaluate the development of mentality and to determine the ability of free working.

2.If the students pass exams, why should they take the final test?

- Tests are necessary for examining the level of mastering of lab and schedule work, annual essays and experience. There are no grades on final tests.

3.What should be passed earlier final tests or exams and if the exam is related to final tests or not?

- Final tests considered according to the educational plan are taken before the exam session. If the student couldn’t take the final test he is not permitted to the exam on this subject. Students not permitted to the exams because of not taking the final test, should pass their exams during the time determined by the department.

4.Who should hold both the exam and final test?

- The exam and the final test is conducted by teacher, who read lectures, took practice, and conducted seminars and lab lessons. If there is no an exam on studied subject, the final tests are conducted by teachers, who read lectures, conducted seminars and lab lessons.

5.If there is possibility of participation of other persons on final tests or exams?

- Other persons could not participate at exams and final test, if there is no permission of University rector, pro-rector and chief of the department.

6.How much time is given for exam preparation?

- Not less than 3 days should be given for each exam preparation at the exam schedule.

7.How exams and final tests are conducted and what supplies can be used by students during the exams and final tests?

- Students are permitted to exams and final tests with their record book. Exams are conducted in written, and some times in test forms. Exam questions are created on the basis of existing subject program by teacher and are approved by chief of the department. During the test and exams students can use technical supplies, programs and methodical instructions.Positive grades received on exams and final tests are recorded in student’s record book and in examination list, but unsatisfactory marks are recorded only in examination list.

8.If the student was absent at the exams, if should he/she be evaluated with unsatisfactory grade?

- Teacher should indicate on examination list those, who were absent at the exam. A student should officially inform the dean’s office about the reasons of absence before the end of the exam session. A student who did not come to exam because of valid reason, can pass the exam in additional time, otherwise the note “absent” will be considered as bad grade.

9.If the student is not satisfied with his grade, where should he/she apply for and if he/she should repeat to exam?

- If the student is not satisfied with its grade got on exam, he/she should apply in written form with clear explanation to chief of the department and to dean’s office within a day. If the request is really reasonable the chief of the department with the teacher who conducted the exam establish the commission and the student again passes exam under the head of that commission.

10.If the student could pass exam before the assigned time?

- In special cases (for reason of health, family status, “official journey” and etc.) faculty dean can have right to permit to pass the exams and tests to students, who fulfill the demands of educational plan of current semester.

11.If the students, who didn’t pass the exam, is expelled from the university and if there are any limitations of failures?

- If the student has more than three exam failures he will be expelled from the University. Students, who have one or two failures on winter exams, can repeat the exams before the summer semester begins. If the student could not abolish his failures he will be expelled from the university. On the basis of the results of summer semester if the student has one or two failures, he/she will have an opportunity to abolish his failures during the first month of new educational year. If the students can’t abolish their failures during the given time, they will be expelled from the university. For abolishing of academic failures the students are given 3 permissions during the assigned time.Students who successfully fulfill the educational plan of studied courses and who managed to pass all exams and tests successfully are transferred to upper course on the basis of order of faculty dean and rector of the University.

12.If the student has poor attendance, what kind of measures will be taken?

- The student, who did not attend the 30% of general time given to all subjects educated during the semester, will not be permitted to exam session, because he would not be able to master the whole educated program. If the student has a valid reason, the dean’s office can apply to the rector’s office with request to keep him at course.Otherwise, students are expelled from the university.

13.How students who study at night shift and tuition by correspondence pass their exams?

- Students who successfully study at the night shift and tuition by correspondence receive the invitation reference true to added type before the exams session begins. The faculty department is responsible for delivering the references and controlling their attendance at exams.

14.Will students get the holidays, if they study at night shift or tuition by correspondence?

- Students who study at night shift and tuition by correspondence can have holidays according to the labor legislation;

- The holiday will be given to night shift students who pass all tests, fulfill the account-schedule and meet other obligations stipulated by educational plan;

- The holiday will be given to correspondence students who didn’t have any failures form previous final tests and exams before next semester, who fulfill all control works and course projects of semester.

If the session of lab-exams will be moved to another time, because of valid reasons, the night shift and correspondence students have right to additional paid holiday.