• Bilateral collaboration with foreign universities
  • Participation of BSU in international educational programs
  • Collaboration with international scientific-education organizations
  • Participation of BSU in international associations
  • Cooperation with embassies of foreign countries
  • Cooperation with authoritative international organizations
  • Propagate of Azerbaijan language and literature in foreign countries
  • Organization of teachers activity in foreign scientific-research centers and education of students, masters and candidate nominees in the universities of foreign countries
  • Education of foreign students in BSU

During the recent years Baku State University has bilateral cooperation with 46 world leading universities:

Indiana University, Minnesota Duluth University (USA);

Moscow State University, Moscow State International Relations Institute, Saint-Petersburg State University, Kazan State University, Russian Academy of Science named after A.Arbuzov, Organic and Physics Chemistry Scientific Center, Novosibirsk State University, Ufa State University, Chelyabinsk State University, Astrakhan State University (Russia);

Tbilisi State University (Georgia);

Belorussia State University (Belorussia);

Named after M.Uluqbek ad. Uzbek National University (Uzbekistan);

Aterau State University (Kazakhstan);

Social Sciences Institute named after Heydar Aliyev, Named after T.Shevchenco Kiyev National University, Doneck National University, Dnepropetrovsk National University, Named after İ.Franko Lvov National University (Ukraine);

Free Berlin University, Bonn University (Germany);

Vienne University (Austria);

Nice Sophia-Antipolis University, Grenoble University (France);

Rotterdam Erasmus University (Netherland);

Uppsala University (Sweden);

Genoa University (Italy);

Warsaw University (Poland);

Konstansa-Ovidius University, Bucharest University, Ployeshti Oil and Gas University, Bucharest National University on Laser, Plasma and Radiation Physics (Romania);

Kapo-Distrian Athens National Unversity (Greece);

Bilkend University, Ankara University, Istanbul University, Ortadoğu Technical University, Kirikkala University, Caucasus Kars University, Chanaqqala University (Turkey);

Tehran University, Tabriz University, Qorqan University, Gilan University, MazandaranUniversity (Iran)

Sana University (Yemen);

Cairo University, Al-Azhar University (the Azeri language and literate is planned to be taught at this university) (Egypt),between

and works in close relationship with other universities.

We cooperate with above mentioned Universities in different fields. According to the bilateral cooperation agreements the students of Baku State University study at the Bilkend, Ortadoğu Universities of Turkey, Moscow State and Kazan State Universities of Russia, Indiana University of USA, Vienne University of Austria, Upsala University of Sweden, Named after T.Shevchenko Ukrainian National University, Named after Heydar Aliyev Social Sciences Institute and Named after A.Arbuzov Organic and Physics Chemistry Science Center of Ukraine.

At the same time according to the collaboration agreements we conduct joint cooperation in guidance of nominee and PhD studies, education experience, organizations of joint science conference and workshops, joint study work on publishing textbooks and methodic tools, exchange of scientific information, cooperation between science libraries. We have a successful cooperation with MSU methodic council in publishing new textbook and methodic tools, during the last 3 years the university managed to organize tight cooperation between Albanian Epoka University, Romanian Konstansa-Ovidius University, Russia’s NANO centers located in Zelenograd city and the Baku State University on NANO structure and NANO technologies science center. There were held conferences with Moscow State University on chemistry, Iran Islamic Republic with Zancan University on mathematics and astrophysics, Romanian Konstansa-Ovidius University on science. Within the terms of the cooperation agreements, with the support of Baku State University, in faculties of Eastern Studies of the Vienne and Kiev State University named after T. Shevchenko Azerbaijan Language and literature classes are organized. BSU sent new textbooks, literature and the methodic tools to Vienne and Kiev Universities, and sent to official journey appropriate specialists. The teacher of Vienne University Mrs. Lillian Green was sent to a business trip to the Philology faculty of the University for Experience Exchange for 1 year. After return to her motherland she translated to German language Azeri folk tales and published them gracefully in Austria.