Polyclinic of BSU

  1. The therapist
  2. The ophthalmologist
  3. The gynecologist
  4. The surgeon
  5. The dentist
  6. The neuropathologist
  7. The rheumatologist, the cardiologist
  8. LOR
  9. Laboratory
  10. The electrocardiogram
  11. Examinations with US

Eye cabinet

  • Of the refraction of the eye defining exact defining and correct defining of the glasses;
  • Of all membranes of the eye defining;
  • Inspection of the eye bottom;
  • Measurement of an eye of internal pressure;
  • Of the percentage of the seeing defining;


  • Treatment of caries
  • Treatment of pulpities
  • Treatment of pekiodontities
  • Treatment of gum diseases a) Pakodontosies b) Gingivities
  • Cleaning of tooth stones
  • Whitening of teeth
  • X-ray of teeth

Examinations with US of…

  • Abdominal organes
  • Small pelvis organes
  • Thyroid and mammary glands
  • Upper and lower limbs by doplerogramm

ECG three channels



  • Total analysis of blood, urine, excrement
  • Hormons
  • İn Sections
  • Hemostaz tests
  • Biocheneical blood tests


Heniatology Analyzer

Biocheneical analizator


İnimunoassay Analyzer

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