Its activity: The targets of the scientific Council of the Baku State University is to take an active part in determination of university’s position in education, quality and effectiveness of scientific researches, the international relations and image of the university, participation in discussion of crucial issues and determination of points of view of our Republic. The Chairman of the Scientific Council, Rector of BSU Elchin Babayev being loyal to university traditions, discuses’ and finds the solutions on the above mentioned problem and other important problems during the scientific council assembly. The scientific council of the University conducts its activity in the following below mentioned directions:

  • The development and important issues of the BSU, various directions of educational and science activity, decision making on international relations issues
  • Makes suggestions on changes and amendments to BSU’s Foundation regulations and Foundation Fond
  • Confirms the statutes of regulations, instructions and other official documentation
  • Defines the structure of BSU, makes changes and amendments to it.
  • Defines the student’s acceptance plan.
  • Defines the annual budget of BSU, holds listening on financial activity report
  • Holds competition on holding the position in faculties (in branches, departments,...), confirms the contract centralized regulations
  • Is responsible for human resources. The faculty (branch, etc...) holds competition on election to the position of Chief Teacher and Professor according to the offers of the scientific council. The heads of the departments (divisions, faculties, and laboratories) in exceptional cases are elected by Departments
  • Raises issues related to State awards
  • Awards titles of “honored doctor of BSU” and “honored professor” to the world known famous government bodies, famous scientists, social and political figures
  • Assigns titles of “honored professor of BSU”, “honored scientific employee of BSU” and “honored employee of BSU”
  • Awards bonuses according to the scientific and pedagogical activity
  • Allocates professor-consultants
  • Confirms educational plans
  • Determines retiring payments according to the current regulations
  • Confirms the educational - methodology, editorial-publishing and library councils structure
  • Nominates a candidate to the position of associate and real member of NAS of the Azerbaijan Republic

The scientific council creates a consultation Competition Commission which collects application forms, participation documents and detailed references on each participant such as professors, scientists and others. The plenary power is valid within 3 years.