Psychological Counselling Service aims to help BSU students and staff fulfil their developmental potential and create conditions for their active and full participation in the life of university and in their social environment.  The service is intended to provide counselling, cognitive behavioral therapy, and psychiatric support.

BSU students and employees can get their psychological support in "Stress and Stress Management", "Depression", "Psychosomatic Disorders", "Couple Counselling", "Personal Development", "Mental Disorders", "Sleep Disorders", "Family Counseling", "Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder", "Sexual Problems", "Eradication of Harmful Habits".

Disability Support Services

Baku State University's Disability Support Services (DSS) is a collaborative effort between the Psychological Counseling department and the Social Work Chair within the Faculty of Social Sciences and Psychology. This partnership ensures comprehensive support for students with disabilities. These services are dedicated to ensuring educational opportunities for all students, including those with disabilities in full-time and part-time undergraduate, graduate, adult, and international programs. Besides aiding students in navigating university policies, DSS assists in addressing personal and academic concerns.

Furthermore, BSU is committed to implementing suitable adaptations in its educational requirements, aiming to prevent discrimination and inefficiency. Plans for establishing a disability support center are underway. These adaptations may include adjusting degree completion timeframes, substituting courses to meet degree requirements, and ensuring course availability. Additionally, BSU will make reasonable policy and procedural modifications as necessary to prevent disability-based discrimination, always ensuring the integrity of its services, programs, and operations.