1. The State Education Standarts, teaching and worker-teaching plans and programs.
  2. The information and statistic reports about the students and professor-teaching staff.
  3. The inspection to the partition and realization of the academic works according to the fields and departments
  4. To provide the departments  with textbooks, educational supplies and the programs according to the subject. To realize examination sessions of and  the abolition of academic debts (daily information, general conclusion ,and final report.)
  5. Credit system, presence  at  the lessons,  the marks in polymark system.
  6. The teaching list and inspection on  the passing process of the lessons .
  7. The fund of the lecture-hall (with the showing of accommodation) and its partition according to the faculties.
  8. Charter, regulation, letters of instruction and the orders of administration.
  9. Preparing the orders connected to the  educational  process.
  10. Correspondence, presentations.

Contact  phone numbers  of the Educational Department :   439-06-86; 439-09-21.

Address: Rooms 226, 251, 441.

First floor, Main building, 23 Z.Khalilov Street, Baku, Azerbaijan, Az-1148

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