Virtual İnternational Scientific Research Centre (VISRC)

Virtual İnternational Scientific Research Centre of Baku State University was established by the decision Academic Council of University meeting dated December 13, 2013. This center was established to bring Azerbaijan science to the world, bring together scientists who lives abroad, at the same time introduce them to the truth of Azerbaijan scientist. According to him, the Baku State University opens a new page on own website and scientists is living abroad (regardless of citizenship) recruit virtually. At the same time in this web site will replace problems of Azerbaijan, socio-economic and political life of Azerbaijan, and also Azerbaijan important problem Karabagh.
İf you want to become a member of the Virtual İnternational Scientific Research Centre of  the Baku State University you can send your CV to the e-mail of Baku State University. We advise you to send also the name of organization where you recently work. So scientists around the world can read about your article and you Azerbaijanis who living abroad also can do valuable for the recognition of our country around the world. We hope that, this your step will serve to further development of science and education in Baku State University.