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Azerbaijani language istaught at Beijing Foreign Studies University


A delegation of the Beijing Foreign Studies University (BFSU) headed by its President Peng Long has visited Baku State University. The delegation held talks with BSU rector, academician Abel Maharramovfor expansion of cooperation in different fields, as well as development of joint projects, share experience and exchange views on staff and student exchange programs and other issues.

Beijing Foreign Studies University (BFSU) is a prestigious university in China under the direct leadership of the Chinese Ministry of Education. Today, BFSU teaches 98 foreign languages and offers education programs at different levels.

Since February last year, the Azerbaijani language is also taught at the University. Within China's Belt and Road Initiative the country’s Education Ministry has decided to prepare specialists on Azerbaijani language and develop special projects to this end.

Press and Information Department, April 20, 2018



Malay will be taught at BSU

Rector of Baku State University (BSU), academician Abel Maharramov met with rectorof UNIDA Gontor, Prof. Dr. KH Amal Fathullahand Vice Rector  Dr. Hamid Fahmi Zarkasyi.

Abel Maharramov has been elected as member of Science Committee of 17th International Conference on Chemistry and the Environment

17th International Conference on Chemistry and the Environment will be held in Thessaloniki, Greece in June 2019 by the Association of Greek Chemists   and the Division of Chemistry and the Environment   of European Chemical Sciences.

Delegation of Charles University visits BSU

Rector of Baku State University, academician Abel Maharramov met with Dean of the Faculty of Science of Charles University Prof. Jiří Zima.