• Heating system in BSU buildings was switched to the clean and sustainable heating.
• Hybrid cars were bought and now, are being used for service. It is planning to change all other cars of BSU to sustainable hybrid car.
• One solar panel was installed in BSU. It is planning to install more solar panels in the campus for sustainability.
• BSU has a big campus with green trees, and there are evergreen trees that use little water.
• It is forbidden to use any plastic bottle in canteens that are locating in different buildings.
• BSU signs service agreement with catering companies that are operating in line with SDGs.
• BSU consider SDGs as a selection criterion while procurement.
• Recycle bins for both plastic and paper wastes were placed in the buildings.
• Daylight saving bulbs are lightening system were used in the buildings.

Mission of SPP is to make the framework for all stakeholders and integrate
SDGs to the procurement practices to reduce negative consequences on society and environment. SPP outlines the objectives, scope, planned actions, monitoring and reporting methodology and resource allocation regarding procurement practices of BSU.

For more details see Sustainable Procurement Policy of Baku State University.