Zero Hunger
Guaranteeing adequate nutritious nourishment for all individuals, particularly children, all year circular requires advancing maintainable farming, supporting smallholder ranchers and guaranteeing rise to get to to arrive, innovation and markets. must be secured. Universal participation is    additionally required to guarantee venture in framework and innovation to make strides agrarian efficiency.

One of the main principles of the university is to help poor, low-income students. For this purpose, the university provides free accommodation for students who are not financially sufficient.

In addition, Union of Independent Students of BSU gives vouchers to needy students. Based on these vouchers, students at the university are provided with free meals.

BSU pays special attention to the quality of food product. Freshness of food, expiration date are constantly checked. İn this regard, Milla Dairy has organized a tour of the MMC for students of the School of Biology at Baku State University (BDU) and a group of professor-teachers. They said that the Milla brand is the most widely produced brand in Azerbaijan in the dairy category. Factory has the capacity to produce 250 tons of milk a day. The company is capable of producing dairy products on 12 production lines during the month to ensure products are delivered to the market in a fresh and safe manner. The company uses the latest technologies in the manufacturing process. Under the direction of Laman Nesibova, the chief coordinator of the industry, students have been informed of the mechanical cleaning, pasterization and sterilization of the company's raw milk products, the preparation of products, the preparation of TetraParks and plastic containers, milk, ham, cheese, yogurt, separation, and ice cream.
The students were introduced to a laboratory that operates in a manufacturing facility. Before each product was sold, Fidan Rustamli, the laboratory's chief microbiologist, explained methods such as analysis parameters, dry mass of dairy products, separation of milk from milk, and vibration.

The University canteen undergoes regular inspections by the Food Safety Agency of the Republic of Azerbaijan, and the canteen employees receive continuous training to maintain high food safety standards.

Ongoing training sessions are conducted at the Guba and Altyağac bases. Additionally, construction work for the Ecopark in Altyağac is currently in progress. Moreover, the university provides complimentary distribution of fruits from the fruit trees at these bases to its employees.