• The "Student-Youth Organisation" (SYO), which was founded in 2005, has evolved into a fundamental entity for fostering student involvement at BSU. The wide array of programmes offered by the institution, which encompass activities such as faculty meetings, event coordination, charitable initiatives, and concert planning, exemplify the capacity for comprehensive student engagement.
• The “Union of Independent Students” (UIS): The UIS, which consists of over 13,000 members engaged in a master-student relationship, is an officially recognised organisation that adheres to democratic values and promotes fairness and inclusiveness. In addition to serving as a safeguard for student rights, they also actively participate in academic pursuits, athletic competitions, and cultural exhibitions, so serving as a prominent platform for student expression and personal growth.
• The organization "BSU Volunteers”, operational since 2019, unites about 1,000 volunteer students. Through active participation in a wide range of events and actions, they serve as an instrumental pillar of social and civic engagement within the university and the larger community.
• The Council of Young Scientists, a voluntary consortium of proactive students and young researchers, offers a platform for developmental, international, and commercial research. They actively engage in scientific pursuits, international activities, media strategy, and the commercialization of scientific endeavors.
• Acting as a pivotal participant in BSU's research activities, the Student Scientific Society facilitates various research-based initiatives, competitions, seminars, and collaborations. Their focus lies in coordinating faculty-specific scientific societies and enhancing the quality of educational and research pursuits.
• The Scientific Council at the university comprises members from diverse student and youth organizations, including the Student-Youth Organization and the Student Trade Union Committee. These committed individuals actively engage in the council's regular sessions.
• BSU places particular emphasis on nurturing young talent. As a result, key positions such as the Advisor to the Rector for Digitalization, Advisor to the Rector for Quality Assurance, and the heads of departments including the Department of Technology Transfer and Innovations, Educational Process Organization
Department, Educational Process Management Department, Student Scientific and Technical Creative Center, International Students Office and so on are occupied by young specialists, with a majority of them being graduates of BSU.
• Throughout the exam session, BSU establishes an examination oversight body composed of students. Students can reach out to this oversight body in case of exam-related complaints, and it also serves as the monitory authority for the examinations.


The aim is to utilise the intellectual and inventive capabilities of student-led organisations at Baku State University (BSU) in order to effectively engage them in the university's dedication to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and bolster BSU's sustainability standing.

For more details see Student led Society Policy of Baku State University.