Peace, Justice and Strong Institutions
This objective seeks to significantly reduce all forms of violence and work with communities and governments to resolve disputes and improve the security environment. To achieve this, it is crucial to advance the rule of law and human rights, as well as to stop the export of illegal weapons and raise the involvement of developing nations in international governance structures.
The targets of the scientific Council of the Baku State University is to take an active part in determination of university’s position in education, quality and effectiveness of scientific researches, the international relations and image of the university, participation in discussion of crucial issues and determination of points of view of our Republic. The duties of the TUC of BSU include work to improve the social conditions of employees, providing them with high-quality and inexpensive public catering, strengthening labor discipline, providing attention and care to employees in need, protecting their health, paying various compensations, adjusting working days and rest days.
Council of Young Scientists - The Council of young scientists of Baku State University is a public organization created to assist in the organization and coordination of scientific activities of young scientists and researchers working and studying at BSU. Student Trade Union Committee - The Committee, which involves 13 thousand of mastersstudents collectives, is a social students’ organization with state registration. The committee activity is based on democratic principles. The communities of interest and equality of rights, respect of ideas of each member are the main principles of committee. Organization of Youth students - The programs implemented by “Student-Youth Organization” established at Baku State University on June 3, 2005 and play great role in student’s life. European Law Students Association - ELSA works as an initiative Association in the implementation of the first staged trial in Azerbaijan (Moot Court Competition) and " Client İnterviewing Skills " competitions.


Ceremony of signing the Cooperation agreement
between the General Prosecutor’s Office and BSU
Workshops at the General prosecutor’s Office