Sustainable Development Goal 10 focuses on the objective of reducing inequality both within and among countries. This goal emphasizes the need to address disparities in income and various social factors such as age, gender, disability, race, ethnicity, origin, religion, and economic status within individual nations. Additionally, it aims to tackle inequalities among countries, including issues related to representation, migration, and development assistance.

Baku State University's Faculty of Law, in collaboration with the Council of Europe's representative office in Baku, has launched the "European Convention on Human Rights - 70" awareness campaign.

The campaign is dedicated to commemorating the 70th anniversary of the Convention, which came into effect to safeguard human rights and fundamental freedoms. It offers students an opportunity to gain in-depth knowledge about the Convention's provisions and the case law of the European Court, both of which hold significant importance in the realm of human rights.

The "Student by Student for Student" project, initiated by the Dean of the Faculty of Law, Zaur Aliyev, has garnered considerable interest among students and serves as the framework for the awareness campaign.

Under this project, Sayad Alekbarov, a third-year student specializing in English, conducted interactive training sessions for students from different courses on the subject of "European Convention on Human Rights and Decisions of the European Court of Human Rights." The training received enthusiastic participation, with many students posing questions that were addressed during the sessions.

The training covered various aspects, including the essence of the Convention, interpretation of its articles, comparative analysis with the Azerbaijani Constitution, its position in the country's legislation, and the interpretation of the European Court's decisions on different articles.

It is important to note that the project involves senior students providing training to junior students on predetermined and prepared topics. The primary objective is not merely to teach, but to foster knowledge exchange and mutual learning among students. Through these training sessions, students have the opportunity to develop public speaking skills, engage in legal research, improve presentation techniques, and master the art of constructing well-founded arguments. Moreover, they gain fundamental knowledge about the specified topic during the process.


Polyclinic of BSU

  1. The therapist
  2. The ophthalmologist
  3. The gynecologist
  4. The surgeon
  5. The dentist
  6. The neuropathologist
  7. The rheumatologist, the cardiologist
  8. LOR
  9. Laboratory
  10. The electrocardiogram
  11. Examinations with US

Eye cabinet

  • Of the refraction of the eye defining exact defining and correct defining of the glasses;
  • Of all membranes of the eye defining;
  • Inspection of the eye bottom;
  • Measurement of an eye of internal pressure;
  • Of the percentage of the seeing defining;


  • Treatment of caries
  • Treatment of pulpities
  • Treatment of pekiodontities
  • Treatment of gum diseases a) Pakodontosies b) Gingivities
  • Cleaning of tooth stones
  • Whitening of teeth
  • X-ray of teeth


Examinations with US of…

  • Abdominal organes
  • Small pelvis organes
  • Thyroid and mammary glands
  • Upper and lower limbs by doplerogramm

ECG three channels




  • Total analysis of blood, urine, excrement
  • Hormons
  • İn Sections
  • Hemostaz tests
  • Biocheneical blood tests



Heniatology Analyzer

Biocheneical analizator


İnimunoassay Analyzer

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Psychological Counselling Service

Psychological Counselling Service aims to help BSU students and stuff fulfil their developmental potential and create conditions for their active and full participation in the life of university and in their social environment.  Service is intended to provide counselling, cognitive behavioural therapy, psychiatric support.

BSU students and employees can get there psychological support in "Stress and Stress Management", "Depression", "Psychosomatic Disorders", "Couple Counselling", "Personal Development", "Mental Disorders", "Sleep Disorders", "Family Counseling", "Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder", "Sexual Problems", "Eradication of Harmful Habits".,Eradication%20of%20Harmful%20Habits%22.